Lupus 21st Century

Scientific meeting for cutting edge lupus research
September 27-30, 2023
Naples, FL

Attend the unique human-scale integrated conference dedicated to research and clinical advances in lupus!

The eighth Lupus 21st Century Conference, LUPUS 2023 will be a unique event for all lupus stakeholders: basic, clinical, pharma and biotech scientists, clinical trialists, clinicians, and patients living with lupus.

Meeting Highlights

  • Great basic and clinical science
  • Results of latest trials
  • New developments in clinical care
  • Networking opportunities to interact with prominent scientists, clinicians, and patients living with lupus

The Steering Committee

  • Maria Dall'Era

  • Paul Fortin

  • Tim Niewold

  • Karen Costenbader

  • Anne Stevens

  • Peggy Crow

  • Peter Lipsky

  • Matthew Liang

  • John Esdaile

Contact Information

Registration is now open! Please follow the link below to the registration website for more information on the program, abstracts and to register for the meeting.